We're a studio that creates 'raw' interior products.

Many things have yet been created in the time mankind is actively present on this earth. From really original creations during our times in a cave, to full blown mass production  in countries we only see during holidays... We're not gonna save the world, but we discover beautiful materials everyday close to where we live. Newly produced or straight from the scrapyard. We love to work with those materials, creating something unique from Dutch soil. Handmade with TLC to get a place in your house and to enjoy a lifetime.  


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  • The floor version
  • The table version
  • ligthbulbPort
    Collection 2014 – Lamp Olphi – Table light
  • tableLampPort
    Collection 2014 – Lamp Olphi – Table light
  • standingLampPort
    Collection 2014 – Lamp Olphi – Floor light

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